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A classic education rooted in the liberal arts that nurtures the gift of each child.

Kindergarten to Grade 12

A continuity of teaching and a positive familial environment allows each student to mature personally within a community. On-going admissions.

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A learning environment that allows each child to truly be themselves.

Classical, Catholic Education

Teaching the mind, tending the soul, and deepening the experience of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.

A Unique Role in the Community

From Ceilidh dances to live choir performances, Wayside plays a unique cultural role in the larger community.
On Monday, November 3rd Sister Infant of Prague professed her first vows at the Bascilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. What a blessed event to have witnessed!

Sister Infant (Martha Marrocco) taught in our elementary program for nine years before she joined the Servants of the Lord in 2012. She is an inspiration to all of us, most importantly the students whom she served. Please continue to pray for her as she does the same for us.  

Martha Marrocco Sister Infant
Hello Friends,
Wow! And a Wow! again.
I am still trying to absorb the wonders of Friday (Oct 18/14) night at the Cathedral. It was a wonderful show and my thoughts, of course, are specifically with our children, and with Wayside. Like so many times in my life when profound things are presented, I was left watching as intently as possible, but was unable to begin to grasp what I witnessed until later.
For those of you who were there to see our children sing the finale song of the Men in Black concert with the Bishop, and our spur of the moment encore that he requested, we know that something big happened—big in ways beyond our small beloved school.
The thing I remember most of the moments when they were on stage was a “wall of beauty” that emanated from their collective voices. It touched me to the core; it filled my every pore. Afterwards, I was reminded by others the many wonders of the performance, including our Bishop proclaiming to a packed Cathedral that we were “his friends”.
If it is not obvious in the wonderful day-to-day moments during school hours, God makes clear to us mortals at precious times like these what is possible when we keep our eyes on Him...when we do what is humanly possible to bring our children to Him...
I could not be more proud of those who sang—and of Miss Vanderhulst who directed them. I am grateful to all of you for your work behind the scenes to help us capture this opportunity.
Click here for a short video of the event! 
The videos do not capture the sound of the “wall of beauty” I heard as it was preformed, but watching them I found myself moved to tears as I saw the quiet, confident, reverent, solemn and joyful innocence of these children bringing the night back to the Heart of the matter.
I sense we are where we need to be—and know all of the hard work (and sometimes angst) is well worth it. For a moment, we stand on a grand vista. It is not the first, and it will not be the last. I hope and pray that many other new schools will follow in our footsteps...to know the climb...and know His breathtaking views...
Thank you all...may we all keep our hands on the oars...and our backs to the work...

Since 1995, Wayside Academy has been providing families with an exemplary classical, Catholic curriculum for children in elementary and high school, small classes, and a warm community.

Immersed in a virtue-based environment, students learn the fundamentals of education and develop a joy for learning. The focus is on teaching the mind, tending the soul, and deepening the experience of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.

Tuition is affordable. All families who believe in our mission are welcome! 

Are you thinking of a change of schools for your family? Are you interested in a place where learning is fun and engaging, and at the same time having substance, value, and virtue both inside AND outside the classroom? Do you think this is impossible to achieve? 

Why not come visit Wayside and see what we're all about? You and your child are welcome to sit in on classes, meet the students and teachers and other families who make this such a remarkable place. 

Visits can be scheduled anytime throughout the year.  Your child is welcome, at no cost, to experience life at Wayside for a day, an afternoon, or for a whole week. 

Call the Principal, Adam Parker, to schedule your visit today! 705-749-3658 or aparker"at"Waysideacademy.com 

Class shot with teachers - smaller

Jun 26 2014

Wayside's mission is an "apostalic" one. This means that staff are not paid as those in the publically funded system are, and many families receive adjusted tuitions in order to attend the school. Subsequently, we rely on donations from outside the school community, from supporters like you! 

There are many ways that you can contribute financially to Wayside! PayPal is all set up to accept your donations. Click on the link to get the process started. 

As well, we have recently begun to receive email transfers via online banking. These transfers are useful for one-time payments to the school or for special events (ie. to purchase ceilidh tickets in advance). Simply send the email transfer to Adam Parker, Principal, at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
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Miss Martha Marrocco, who has given ten years of devoted service to Wayside Academy, has also answered the call to religious life, joining the SSVM order. Mr. Adam Parker, Principal, noted that the gifts and generosity of our departing teachers will continue to light the way for others.

Sister Infant
“Over the pa
st years it has been my place of work, but I rarely thought of it that way. Wayside is a place to pray, to teach children about God and the world He made, a community of people who strengthen, support and challenge each other to follow Christ more closely. Yes, each one of us is human, and we all make mistakes, but in our community it is obvious that all are trying hard to seek His Kingdom first of all.”

On Nov. 3,  Sister Infant of Prague professed her first vows at the Bascilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. What a blessed event to have witnessed!

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We strive to promote a very personal and engaging education system, one permeated with the light of Catholicism and a sense of joy.

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