A Nurturing School Environment

A classic education rooted in the liberal arts that nurtures the gift of each child.

Kindergarten to Grade 12

A continuity of teaching and a positive familial environment allows each student to mature personally within a community. On-going admissions.

A Vibrant and Positive Space

A learning environment that allows each child to truly be themselves.

Classical, Catholic Education

Teaching the mind, tending the soul, and deepening the experience of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.

A Unique Role in the Community

From Ceilidh dances to live choir performances, Wayside plays a unique cultural role in the larger community.

Thanks to the over 300 people who came out on June 14 to participate in the Spring Dinner & Ceilidh! It was an amazing night under the BIG tent!! 

The silent auction and raffle tables were packed with beautiful gifts, the food was beyond delicious (no one went away hungry!!), and the ceilidh dance was as much fun as ever (but too short! We could have danced for ages!). A hearty thanks to all the businesses who donated items for the auction & raffle, & to all the sponsors who made the night possible! 

See you again next year! Here are just a few of the images from the night.... 

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Since 1995, Wayside Academy has been providing families with an exemplary classical, Catholic curriculum for children in elementary and high school, small classes, and a warm community.

Immersed in a virtue-based environment, students learn the fundamentals of education and develop a joy for learning. The focus is on teaching the mind, tending the soul, and deepening the experience of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.

Tuition is affordable. All families who believe in our mission are welcome! 

Are you thinking of a change of schools for your family? Are you interested in a place where learning is fun and engaging, and at the same time having substance, value, and virtue both inside AND outside the classroom? Do you think this is impossible to achieve? 

Why not come visit Wayside and see what we're all about? You and your child are welcome to sit in on classes, meet the students and teachers and other families who make this such a remarkable place. 

Visits can be scheduled anytime throughout the year.  Your child is welcome, at no cost, to experience life at Wayside for a day, an afternoon, or for a whole week. 

Call the Principal, Adam Parker, to schedule your visit today! 705-749-3658 or aparker"at"Waysideacademy.com 

Class shot with teachers - smaller

crest-wayside-stylized-smallAt Wayside Academy, we recognize that our students have a distinctive place in their family, school, community, country and Church as persons whom God has created and called.

Supportive and inspiring teachers, a lively Catholicism and a genuine respect for family and culture form a milieu in which boys and girls can become joyful young men and women of accomplishment, service and faith.

By interweaving the classical, natural, and Catholic into an integrated learning experience, Wayside offers students an outstanding Education for Life in terms of faith, vocation, livelihood, citizenship and personal fulfilment.

From the tradition of Western civilization, Wayside has adapted the classical emphasis upon grammar, logic and rhetoric known as the Trivium. At the primary, intermediate and secondary levels, mastering fundamentals (grammar), thinking clearly (logic) and communicating well (rhetoric) permeates every educational endeavour regardless of the discipline. Possession of these 'tools of learning' equips the young person to succeed admirably in any walk of life.

While the horizons of history seem endless, a student's time is limited. And so, his course of study must be focussed in order to attain understanding. Over twelve years, the Wayside student mines the richness of Western learning - as represented by the heritage of the great cities of Jerusalem, Athens and Rome and mediated through Christian Europe - by systematically examining aspects of the ancient, medieval, renaissance and modern periods.


Jun 26 2014

If you didn't make it to the Spring Dinner and would like to donate to Wayside, you're welcome to do so! PayPal is all set up to accept your donations. Click on the link to get the process started. 

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Miss Martha Marrocco, who has given ten years of devoted service to Wayside Academy, has also answered the call to religious life, joining the SSVM order. Mr. Adam Parker, Principal, noted that the gifts and generosity of our departing teachers will continue to light the way for others.

“Over the paMartha Marroccost years it has been my place of work, but I rarely thought of it that way. Wayside is a place to pray, to teach children about God and the world He made, a community of people who strengthen, support and challenge each other to follow Christ more closely. Yes, each one of us is human, and we all make mistakes, but in our community it is obvious that all are trying hard to seek His Kingdom first of all.”

Our Goals

We strive to promote a very personal and engaging education system, one permeated with the light of Catholicism and a sense of joy.

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